Day 4 Wheels

Damn the pain is crazy bad today in my neck and spine, legs are like jelly. Definitely  having a crap morning, overdid it yesterday.

It ended up as a wheelchair day today, I know I need to be using it a lot more these days. I just need to stop thinking about how others will look at me. I was the same when I started using a stick. Stupid I know but I can be Bloody stubborn at times

Shock horror, using the chair worked, I was able read a large part of the book “Writing the damn book” which I’m pleased about, and I ended up getting down loads of ideas, possible titles and a couple of mind maps. So it’s ended up being a really productive day. A small step closer to writing a book myself.

Take care

Gary x


2 Replies to “Day 4 Wheels”

  1. Vanity can get the better of us sometimes. I resist using my portable oxygen sometimes because people stare too much. People expect an 80ish person and look at me as if I am dying from lung cancer when the see me. We’re only human.


  2. So true, I don’t like the idea that people will feel sorry for me, pity me.
    I know I can’t change what others think about how I look, but it’s the way they talk at you, not to you and the language they ideas well I’m sure that’s why I resist these changes, but I will get there with the help of friends and family, a wicked sense of humour and a dash of positivity. Thanks for the comment.


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